Gomez (imgomez) wrote in themysticblade,

Red Hand of Doom 2

The party leaves Drellin's Ferry at dawn of day 2, following the Witch Trail through the forest in search of Jorr's cabin. While leading the party along the narrow path, Alexi encounters a strand of web, triggering an attack from a monstrous hunting spider. Fortunately, he brings his shield to bear just in time to hold the monster at bay. The rest of the party rushes in, closes quickly and finishes it off without any of them taking any damage.

At Jorr's cabin, they are surprised when 3 huge, savage, dogs charge them. Thinking quickly, Huwavous fires three rapid shots into the ground before them, making at least the last one check up, while the other two charge on. Alexi shocks them by dropped 12 gallons of magically summoned water on them, while Annabelle attempts to lure them away with a thrown stick, and Kiwi, transformed into Bullywug form, leaps into a tree.

Barely able to hold her enormous weight, the branch sags until she's within reach of the leaping, snapping hounds. At that point, Jorr, having witnessed the encounter, calls off the dogs and demands the party to announce themselves and their business.

Jorr is won over and agrees to escort them to Vraath Keep and aid them in any plan that involves inflicting grievous bodily harm on hobgoblins. As they cross the wooden causeway than spans a bog, they are attacked by a five-headed hydra that bursts up out of the water as they reach the midpoint. Though several members of the party take significant damage from the slashing, slavering jaws, they prove themselves to be heroes indeed: Huwavous firing a critical shot deep into one of the gaping maws, Alexi smashing the creature with a well-tossed pebble that magically transforms into a boulder, and -- most impressively -- Annabelle completely severing two of the five heads, each with a single, savage, blow with her two-handed great sword.

As they heal the seriously injured Kiwi, they are on high alert, wondering what more might lie in wait for them at Vraath Keep ...
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