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The Powers of the Blade

The Mystic Blade of MYS is a grayish, unadorned longsword that shimmers with a reddish glint at odd angles. Near the hilt, there are three sockets designed to hold three mounted gems:
Gem 1: The Ruby of Teleportation
Gem 2: Emerald of True Seeing
Gem 3: Blue Diamond of Resurrection
(More on each of these will be posted separately)

The Mystic Blade deals 2d8+10 damage.

It ALWAYS hits according to the following conditions:

If the attacker wielding the Blade misses with his/her attack roll, extra points are drawn from the attacker's hit points up to the number needed to hit.

After each successful hit, regardless of whether or not hit points were used to make the hit, the attacker must roll a Fortitude save, DC 12, or take 1d12 hit points damage from the shock of the blow.

The Mystic Blade is also intelligent.
Since recovery of the second gem, the Blade is "awakening," gaining interest in the quest.

The Blade's ego is 30
When the Blade chooses to exert its influence, PC carrying the Blade must make a Will save vs DC 30 (ego) or yield to the Blade.

The Blade's desires may include such things as:
To be carried and used as a primary weapon.
To cause PC to make a touch attack versus another character to draw hit points needed to make a hit from someone other than the person carrying the blade.
To find and be reunited with the third gem.
Other goals ???
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