Gomez (imgomez) wrote in themysticblade,

Red Hand of Doom 1

The start:
Huwavous, Kiwi, Annabelle and Alexi travel the Dawn Way through the Elsir Vale, following up on a rumor of treasure in an old ruin named Vraath Keep. As they approach the town of Drellin's Ferry, they are ambushed by a band of 6 hobgoblin warriors, lead by Hobgoblin Blade bearer who fought with two swords, a cleric (who escaped into the woods, and 2 hellhounds.

At first, the adventurers were caught in the open, and were being picked off by volley after volley of arrows raining down on them from the wooded hillside above the road. Thanks to healing from Alexi, they were able to rally, take the fight to the hobgoblins in the woods, and finished them off.

After dispatching the marauders, they found the plundered bodies of a merchant and her bodyguards in the ruined cabin beside the road. Following some debate, Alexi persuaded the group to load the bodies into his cart and take them into town for identification and proper services. They also returned the money they'd found.

They were well-received in Drellin's Ferry and learned about the impending threat of attack. After vowing to lend their service, the town folk presented them some gifts of support and directed them to seek out the old ranger, Jorr, to help the scout and learn what they could of the impending threat.
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