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When you can answer these questions, you'll be heroes

Time for Players and Characters to Take Stock of the Situation

Because of long gaps between sessions, and uneven note keeping, I think we’ve lost sight of the party’s resources. The “each man for himself” approach, combined with incomplete understanding of resources is getting the party in trouble. It’s time to figure out just how strong you are, individually and as a group. Then figure out some strategies to take advantage of it.

What are your character’s greatest strengths?

How do your strengths aid the group?

What are your character’s weaknesses?

How can the group compensate?

How can other characters support each other and the group?

What motivates your character? Adventure/excitement, Promise of Riches, Power, a “calling” to do good/fight evil?

How do your motivations affect the party?
Who shares and respects your motivations?
Who doesn’t?
How can you work together?

What is your character’s normal “ready” position? (ex. Exploring a dungeon, don’t know what’s around the corner – what are you thinking, how are you prepared?)
Anticipated reactions

What is your character’s preferred reaction to threat? (In general)
Will you launch a ranged attack?
Rush into melee?
Cast an offensive spell
Cast a defensive spell
Tumble out of the way or try to out-maneuver opponent
Run, hide, stay out of the way
Await directions from party leader?

What standard alternatives do you have for how you prepare to react, based on circumstances?
Enemy known vs. unknown
Different environments/situations
Movement easy vs. difficult
Exposed vs. covered
Interior vs. exterior
Rain, wind, dark, light, blinded, deafened, etc.

What is your emergency "Plan B" for when you get into a bad situation?
When do you flee?
How do you get away?
Who is responsible, and what is expected regarding aid for injured, unconscious, dead party members?

What kind of healing do you have?

How can you get more?

How many ways can you protect and restore a character’s health?

What resources do you have? Individually and as a group?

What material resources do you have?
Supplies, Gear?
What’s being used?
What’s being overlooked or underutilized?
How many different ways could resources be used?
How can different resources be used together?

If different characters have the same items or abilities, how are they shared, prioritized?

What spells do you have? (High level magic users should have a pretty long list of spells to use.)
How do you relearn them?
How do you choose which to have ready?
Where are the spell books you’ve picked up along the way?
How do you access them?
What about scrolls or wands that could be used by anyone?

Who have you met along the way who could aid you?
Who owes you favors?
Who would come to your aid?

What religious affiliations does your character have? (Even if you aren’t a cleric, all characters have had an opportunity to see divine intervention, (Sunblayze’s resurrection for one). You know that healing is real, and gods/goddesses will intervene on a character’s behalf.
How do you enlist a diety’s favor?
In what circumstances would you call upon a god or goddess for help?
Why should they help you?
How do you honor them?

Rethinking Basic Strategies

Exploring dangerous situations:
Do you use all your senses?
Do you have ways of seeing ahead?
How could your companion animals help?
Mirrors? Remote seeing?
Scouting ahead and communicating back?

Doors and entering rooms
How do you investigate, Open? See inside? Enter?
Do you always check floors, ceilings, walls?
What ability for all characters to see?
How does the party arrange itself so that all characters can act/react in their preferred style?

How do you deal with an invisible enemy?

How do you deal with a flying enemy?

How do you deal with an enemy who seems to be immune to your attacks?

How do you deal with undead?

How do you deal with a charging foe?

How could you avoid or redirect a breath weapon?

What precautions could you take to avoid a gaze attack?

In a group battle, do you intentionally team up against enemies (two or more against one), or each take your own?

Do you arrange the party strategically to take advantage of cover/terrain? Do you have each other's backs?

How do you stand guard, set up defenses when the party is resting?

How can you convert cumbersome loot into useful items?

How does the party make decisions?

Who’s the leader?

Who’s the spokesperson for the group – to NPCs/to the DM?

How are characters involved in decision making? Are areas of expertise considered?

Do different characters have authority in different areas?

How should players and characters settle disagreements?
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