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dave and the amazing technicolor dream insanity

nikez, luckiest bastard of them all

nikez "the cat" galanodel

race: desert elf
class: thief 9/ cleric 1
alignment: chaotic good
deity: olidammara
height:4' 9"
age: 129 years
eyes: brown
hair: white
skin: light tan

str:16 +3
dex:18 +4
con:13 +1
int:15 +2
wis:13 +1
cha:10 -


base atk:+6/+1


balance +11
climb +11
decipher script +9
disable device +13
escape artist +11
hide +21
jump +11
knowlege (religion) +6
listen +10
move silently +21
open lock +13
ride +9
search +10
sleight of hand +11
spot +10
tumble +11
use magic device +12
use rope +9


Khopesh +10/+5 1d6+3 20x2
- 3lb slashing masterwork, silvered, blackened

bone hilt dagger +10/+5 1d4+4 19-20x2
10ft 1lb piercing or slashing ornate bone handle, +1 magic damage, masterwork

dirk +10/+5 1d4+5 19-20x2
10ft piercing or slashing glows blue, -5 vs cold damage, +2 magic damage, -5 vs cold damage

light mace +9/+4 1d6+5 20x2
- 6lb bludgeoning silvered, used 2 handed

mighty composite long bow +10/+5 1d8+2 20x3
110ft 3lb piercing (mighty- heavy pull, +2 nonmagical)


+2 studded leather (from the tomb of axeton, great barbarian warrior) 20lb
scarab of protection (absorbs 12 pts of lvl drain and 3 death attaks) -
+2 ring of protection - worn
ring of greater fire resistance (-20 dmg on fire dmg) -
ring of invisibility -
+2 silver arrows 12 1.5lb
folding boat (converts from box 1ftx1ftx.5ft to rowboat, max cap 4) 3lb
ethelwaine's ring (allows use of ethelwaine's bow and sword, both destroyed) -
cloak of elvenkind (+10 to hide checks) worn
boots of elvenkind (+10 to move silently checks) worn
brindenford brooch (gift from thankful town) -
glass cutter -
tarpaper 5 (removal of cut glass) -
flint and steel .5lb
pint of oil 2lb
magnifying glass -
arrows 20 3lb
crowbar 4lb
rations 1lb
masterwork thieves tools 1lb
silk rope 50ft 5lb
grappling hook 4lb
sunrod 2 (60ft radial light) 2lb
limewood strips 2 (to lift wood crossbars from other side of door) 2lb
ethelwaine's flute (gold) 2lb
steel holy symbol (olidammara) 1lb
white oak stake 1lb
tiny jade rod (protection from taint) -
black silk sash (protection from taint) worn
fine leather gloves -
aniseed (destroys dogs sense of smell for 24 hours) -
climbing daggers 2 (1d4 20x2 10ft piercing or slashing) 2lb
hacksaw with 3 extra blades 1lb
climbing overshoes (worn while adventuring, 3 spikes in front 2 in back)

feats, abilities and languages

combat expertise
mobility (+4 ac vs attacks of oppertunity)
dodge (+1 dodge bonus to ac vs 1 opponent)
spring attack
whirlwind attack
quick draw (draw or switch weapons as free action)
two weapon fighting (extra attack at -5 to hit)
mounted combat (ride dc 10 to attack on mount)
additional favored class- thief (no 20% exp penalty)

+2 spot and search checks
immune to sleep spells
+2 vs enchantments
low light vision
evasion (succesful ref save and take no damage)
uncanny dodge
>can't be caught flat footed unless paralyzed
>can't be flanked
trap sense +3 (+3 ref save vs traps)
turn undead
good fortune 1/day (re-roll 1 die roll, second roll must be used)



mending (make minor repairs to an object)
detect magic
resistance (+1 to saves)
cure light wounds (1d8+1/lvl max+5)
detect undead
entropic shield (20% miss chance for ranged weapons)
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