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Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
5:42 pm
So when are we going to play?

Also, when I saw Evan last week he showed me this website that hosts RPG games. The GM posts his action and the players respond. There is also a number generator that players use for their rolls that the GM can look at to keep them honest.
Monday, March 13th, 2006
3:14 am
Red Hand of Doom 2
The party leaves Drellin's Ferry at dawn of day 2, following the Witch Trail through the forest in search of Jorr's cabin. While leading the party along the narrow path, Alexi encounters a strand of web, triggering an attack from a monstrous hunting spider. Fortunately, he brings his shield to bear just in time to hold the monster at bay. The rest of the party rushes in, closes quickly and finishes it off without any of them taking any damage.

At Jorr's cabin, they are surprised when 3 huge, savage, dogs charge them. Thinking quickly, Huwavous fires three rapid shots into the ground before them, making at least the last one check up, while the other two charge on. Alexi shocks them by dropped 12 gallons of magically summoned water on them, while Annabelle attempts to lure them away with a thrown stick, and Kiwi, transformed into Bullywug form, leaps into a tree.

Barely able to hold her enormous weight, the branch sags until she's within reach of the leaping, snapping hounds. At that point, Jorr, having witnessed the encounter, calls off the dogs and demands the party to announce themselves and their business.

Jorr is won over and agrees to escort them to Vraath Keep and aid them in any plan that involves inflicting grievous bodily harm on hobgoblins. As they cross the wooden causeway than spans a bog, they are attacked by a five-headed hydra that bursts up out of the water as they reach the midpoint. Though several members of the party take significant damage from the slashing, slavering jaws, they prove themselves to be heroes indeed: Huwavous firing a critical shot deep into one of the gaping maws, Alexi smashing the creature with a well-tossed pebble that magically transforms into a boulder, and -- most impressively -- Annabelle completely severing two of the five heads, each with a single, savage, blow with her two-handed great sword.

As they heal the seriously injured Kiwi, they are on high alert, wondering what more might lie in wait for them at Vraath Keep ...
2:42 am
Red Hand of Doom 1
The start:
Huwavous, Kiwi, Annabelle and Alexi travel the Dawn Way through the Elsir Vale, following up on a rumor of treasure in an old ruin named Vraath Keep. As they approach the town of Drellin's Ferry, they are ambushed by a band of 6 hobgoblin warriors, lead by Hobgoblin Blade bearer who fought with two swords, a cleric (who escaped into the woods, and 2 hellhounds.

At first, the adventurers were caught in the open, and were being picked off by volley after volley of arrows raining down on them from the wooded hillside above the road. Thanks to healing from Alexi, they were able to rally, take the fight to the hobgoblins in the woods, and finished them off.

After dispatching the marauders, they found the plundered bodies of a merchant and her bodyguards in the ruined cabin beside the road. Following some debate, Alexi persuaded the group to load the bodies into his cart and take them into town for identification and proper services. They also returned the money they'd found.

They were well-received in Drellin's Ferry and learned about the impending threat of attack. After vowing to lend their service, the town folk presented them some gifts of support and directed them to seek out the old ranger, Jorr, to help the scout and learn what they could of the impending threat.
Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
3:06 pm
Check out this article about more enjoyable D&D sessions

I'd love to get a game going again - maybe two. I think it works best with fewer players, so everyone has lots to do and lots of opportunity to contribute. What would you think about Rachel, Charissa and Dave (or maybe Nick if he's interested) for one group, Mathew, Nathan and Dave for the other? Or just drop the attempts at consistency of the party, and just pick up and play with whoever is available and interested?

It helps me a lot, though, to know who's going to be involved when I'm preparing for a game - otherwise it's hard to balance if it's too easy or too hard. It also complicates things when characters disappear from the middle of an adventure, especially if they are carrying valuable items. Any ideas?
Sunday, May 29th, 2005
9:37 am
Why Adventure Together?
Here's a link to a good article on The D&D Web site about how players work together in a party. (I advise you to bookmark the Wizards of the Coast home page, if you haven't already. There's lots of good stuff there.)

Monday, May 23rd, 2005
6:51 pm
When you can answer these questions, you'll be heroes
Time for Players and Characters to Take Stock of the Situation

Because of long gaps between sessions, and uneven note keeping, I think we’ve lost sight of the party’s resources. The “each man for himself” approach, combined with incomplete understanding of resources is getting the party in trouble. It’s time to figure out just how strong you are, individually and as a group. Then figure out some strategies to take advantage of it.
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Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
10:06 pm
"Bob" human wizard - dragonfire after knocking hoard gold coins loose

Raul human necromancer - harpy threw off cliff when trekking to fight dragon in mountain

Tordek dwarf fighter - boulders from collapsing ceiling after sunblayze fired a magic missile

Xenex human monk - monsterout worm with tentacles around mouth

Sunblayze half-elf wizard/fighter - river to spiked grate >ressurected

Chunk orc fighter - corrupted rat beast

Aris drow cleric - corrupted leech beast

Meran human necromancer - corrupted lamprey beast

Bill (npc) - thrown from cliff by girrillon
Saturday, May 21st, 2005
8:06 pm
nikez, luckiest bastard of them all
nikez "the cat" galanodel
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feats, abilities and languages
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6:32 pm
The Powers of the Blade
The Mystic Blade of MYS is a grayish, unadorned longsword that shimmers with a reddish glint at odd angles. Near the hilt, there are three sockets designed to hold three mounted gems:
Gem 1: The Ruby of Teleportation
Gem 2: Emerald of True Seeing
Gem 3: Blue Diamond of Resurrection
(More on each of these will be posted separately)

The Mystic Blade deals 2d8+10 damage.

It ALWAYS hits according to the following conditions:

If the attacker wielding the Blade misses with his/her attack roll, extra points are drawn from the attacker's hit points up to the number needed to hit.

After each successful hit, regardless of whether or not hit points were used to make the hit, the attacker must roll a Fortitude save, DC 12, or take 1d12 hit points damage from the shock of the blow.

The Mystic Blade is also intelligent.
Since recovery of the second gem, the Blade is "awakening," gaining interest in the quest.

The Blade's ego is 30
When the Blade chooses to exert its influence, PC carrying the Blade must make a Will save vs DC 30 (ego) or yield to the Blade.

The Blade's desires may include such things as:
To be carried and used as a primary weapon.
To cause PC to make a touch attack versus another character to draw hit points needed to make a hit from someone other than the person carrying the blade.
To find and be reunited with the third gem.
Other goals ???
5:59 pm
The History of the Mystic Blade
Before the beginning was Mana-Yood-Sushi (MYS). Out of him were all things created. He broke the darkness and spilled the light, set fire the stars and stirred the oceans. He created the Gods and Time and Death, and gave Death life upon which to feed. He created also the many dimensions, like bands in a rainbow, and set each apart from the other, decorating each world according to his whim.

MYS liked to travel through the dimensions, but needed to open and close the way behind him so they would not spill one into the other. For this, He created a key – the Mystic Blade of MYS.

All was well until Death became greedy and wished to travel all the realms as well to satisfy his growing hunger. Death stole the blade, and used it to plunder the worlds, destroying all life in his path. When MYS learned of the act, he was greatly angered. He broke Death’s body into dust and scattered it across the realms like seed. Now, death can only creep like a sucking vine, held in check by the forces of life.

Next, MYS dismantled the sword, storing its separate powers in enchanted gems and hiding the blade in a small, lawful dimension where it would be safe. Long and far removed from its creator, the blade is greatly reduced from its original aspect, but it still holds tremendous power.

Now, knowledge of the sword has been unearthed, and forces of darkness, both from our own world, and from dimensions beyond ours, seek the sword. In our world, the greatest menace is the evil sorcerer, Soiten, of Kraxia. He is opposed in his efforts to attain the sword by his rival, Tulsen of the south. Tulsen has enlisted the aid of brave adventures to find the blade, and the three gems that complete its power, to keep it from Soiten, and to destroy it.
9:44 am
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I think this could be good.
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